Catching up With Summer Quarter

First let me apologize for the lag in posts. Summer Quarter is over and like Spring there have been some challenges that took some getting used.

Before we get to academics, I just wanted to mention that I have finished my eligibility for the Commissioner Approved Training program as my additional 26 weeks have come and gone. I highly encourage anyone who had been laid-off or displaced by an employer to take full advantage of this program. You receive your weekly benefit while attending classes. That being said I also have taken out a small student loan, portions of which are either subsidized or unsubsidized. The process for applying for a student loan isn’t overly difficult and requires that each person complete Loan Counseling. All of the information one will need can be obtained at the Federal Student Aid website. *(Updated BFET was able to assist me with tuition and books. I highly recommend looking into all programs if you receive any sort of benefit no matter how small. More information on BFET can be found here. Also I have been able to amend my loan need requirements for the moment.)

Attending school during Summer quarter can be both beneficial and challenging at the same time. The pace for Summer session will be much quicker than Fall through Spring, so be prepared for that. I attended school Monday, Wednesday and Thursday which is a little erratic so be aware that the schedule will be varied and limited. Many of my peers and friends were taking only one or two classes, whereas I took four. I would highly recommend knowing what you feel you can handle. In retrospect taking four classes was a lot of work and if I hadn’t have to for CAT I definitely would have only taken 3 or less.

I also took my first online course during summer. Although it was not related to my program, it was extremely helpful as I am now taking online courses in the current Fall term. And I needed the units to be full time for CAT. Online courses are discussion intensive. Be prepared to post weekly replies to a discussion topic and also be ready to reply to your fellow students posts. at times it seems like online courses entail far more material than classroom based courses. As I am finding out is seems pretty standard so expect it. One brighter note are the videos. Most are current and enrich the course materials and discussions.

The Summer quarter also allowed me to get familiar with the schools computer labs. I hadn’t used them at all in the Spring term but found them to be invaluable during Summer. I had long breaks between classes so I used that time to study and do online assignments. I did take a computer course so it was necessary to stay atop the homework and projects. You will find that it is extremely packed during Fall term so be aware. It was a blessing as my schedule was so erratic. Class time in Summer will vary greatly from morning to afternoon so have a plan.

As you may suspect, I did very well in my four classes and maintained my 4.0 GPA. It was some work but I have come to realize especially as we are in the second week of Fall term, that any ‘A’ is a great achievement.  With that I will look forward to detailing the transition into my core classes. Without spoiling anything I will just say it has been rewarding and challenging. I look forward to telling all about it.



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