The Conclusion to Spring Semester

It has been quite the Semester! As you likely may already suspect, the Semester is complete and finals have come and gone. I am eagerly awaiting my first official transcript to be posted. Although I already know my final grades, it will still be fun to look to see it in recorded form and not just on Canvas. I did give a good effort with studying for finals and was rewarded for my diligence as expected. I did get A’s in all of my classes. Unfortunately I only accumulated a 3.975 GPA. I missed a 97% in one of my courses by .6 of a percentage and did not earn the 4.0 A. I did reach the threshold for the 4.0 A in all three of my other classes. I was pretty disappointed at first but then realized that it pretty much doesn’t get better than that. I will have to look back on how I could have done more to ensure doing what I needed to meet the necessary threshold. Sometimes perfection simply isn’t attainable. We shall see.

With the end of the Semester it does feel extremely good to have a couple of days of downtime. So this week I have slept in, taken a couple of naps and ran some errands, all guilt free. This is not to say I haven’y been been prepping for the Summer session which starts next Wednesday. All of my books and materials for Summer have been rented or purchased. I stand by being prepared and finding the best value you can for texts and materials. As an example there is one text that is selling in the $125 range for used and $104 for a rental from Edmonds CC and other places like B&N and Amazon. With some searching I found a 90 day rental for $56 from a company in Kentucky. Although I try to never spend money in ‘red’ states, the savings outweigh personal convictions in this case. LOL.

I hope that everyone finished string and earned the grades they had hoped. I look forward to seeing my new found friends in a couple of my classes this Summer. I will definitely enjoy the next few days off and also the pending Fourth of July holiday. Thanks for readings and I’ll be back with more tales of Summer and the fast paced Semester that this session will offer.


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