Prepping for Finals Week

I am probably the only student who is somewhat excited for Finals Week. Not only for the fact of getting some downtime before Summer Session starts but also to validate all of the hard work I put in over the Semester.

As I mentioned I was ahead of the homework game the past couple of weeks and that has allowed me to be able to focus on the last few remaining papers that I have due next week. Plus I’m ready to go over the study guides I have been given in my classes. I know that many student are all over the place with what final is when and what paper is due here or there. So I sat down and made a master list of finals week. I listed each day separately with the pertinent class, final day and time or paper due date. I also listed what materials I may need for the Final test such as a Scantron and No. 2 pencil, etc. This gives me a quick and easy place to look up information without having to guess or go shuffling through my notebook for some scratchy note I made in class.

One thing I am not sure I have yet mentioned that is that for most of my quizzes for a couple of my classes that had copious amounts of lecture notes was to create ‘study guides’ of my own based on the material that was on the quizzes. This has already saved me time with Finals preparation since most of that information appears on the ‘Finals study guides’ covering previous chapter information that I have already studied and know and just need to review. Although these ‘mini’ study guides do take time when studying during the semester they are certainly paying off now. A few of my fellow students even asked for copies of them. Some got a copy some did not. Plus I did extremely well on every quiz I took this semester in every class. I think are a great help to any student at any point of their learning career.

Although I am giving up a large portion of my weekend to devote to finishing strong in all my classes, I am certainly going to take a little time for myself. You should definitely do the same. Don’t let burn out ruin the upcoming week for you. I guess however if I am going to get that break I should wrap this up and get back to my papers, study guides, and reviewing.

I want to wish everyone the best of luck with all of their Finals. Take a moment to reflect on all of your hard work that you put in for the semester and finish strong.


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