Finishing Strong

As we near the end of the semester I wanted to share some thoughts as Edmonds is abuzz with students readying themselves for finals and registration for Summer and Fall. Yes Fall, can you believe it?

It seems I am not alone in buckling down(I’ll tell you more shortly), as for the past couple of weeks since Midterms, some of my fellow students have actually started coming to class and even taking notes. A couple of them have even reached out to me for help with passing quizzes and completing assignments. One of the friends I made from Bahrain even started taking notes and hasn’t logged into Facebook once during class. I was floored. I was surprised that in talking with some of the other students in my classes, that they too had questioned why some people are even here. I guess we all have different reasons but needless to say I am glad they at least are doing what students should do. Maybe I just shouldn’t worry so much about it.

So, since my last posting I have been focused on finishing strong. I have worked extremely hard to maintain my grades since midterms since I felt some of my percentages slipped a little. I honestly began to worry some about finals and how it would affect my overall grades for the semester. I buckled down. Hard to believe right, ha! I became almost obsessed in getting every point to raise my grades. I pretty much doubled my efforts, not only to ensure I could get high A’s but also to make sure I earned a personal sense of accomplishment of finishing strong. Probably because I just eked by the last time I went to school. Needles to say the extra effort paid off and my grades are back to where I can be more confident in doing well in the finals. Enough so that I was able to take a few days away from the books this past weekend and enjoy the weather. I really needed it.

Although some would see this as merely doing what it takes I think it did cause some burnout. Even if the results are successful it is never good when you end up really wanting to say the heck with it all. I came to the realization that I was totally breaking some of my own rules in taking time away from studying and that’s not a healthy approach to what I was hoping to accomplish. I think I just need to hold a little more confidence in myself in that the work I am putting in pays off for an entire semester. A positive is that basically one week of instruction to go I am actually ahead in all my classes now. I am now more aware of when too much studying is harmful and can see when to ease back on my rigid structure. I did give more time to relaxing this past week and that definitely has helped in setting me up for a good finals week. I think in the coming weeks I will also sit down and reflect on ways to improve on my studying habits so it doesn’t cause burnout but maintains strong academic results. I certainly want to be able to to avoid such complications during the Summer session.

Speaking of…I am all registered for Summer and Fall and have a full time schedule for each. It’s amazing to think that I am already enrolled through December. Time has definitely flown by and I can only imagine that I’ll be writing about finals very shortly. I am looking forward to Summer session and completing my prerequisite course work. Fall classes will be all core class work and that is very exciting to think about. I have no doubt that Summer and Fall should be just as fulfilling and rewarding as Spring has been.


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